#MealPrepSunday: Weekly Round-Up

Sunday in my kitchen has officially become meal prep day, as it no doubt has in a lot of your kitchens too.  Today I’ve prepped 15 buffalo chicken wings, 12 boiled eggs, 10 chocolate chip cookies, 10 cinnamon balls, and toasted shredded coconut – all before 11am 😀  Oh, and that is all just for this weeks lunches 😀  (I enjoy cooking dinner fresh)

It really does make life so much easier.  

The inspiration to start doing the weeks lunches in advance came, in large part, from various people on Instagram I follow who do the same which got me thinking about things I see or read or listen to which others may not.  So I’ve had the idea for this weekly post in my head for a while now, I read a lot during the week (new recipes, posts on nutrition, fitness, health etc) as well as listen to (ALOT) of podcasts so I though it’d be cool to do a weekly round up of the things I found the most interesting, both for you to browse through and hopefully find some value in, and for me to have a record of 🙂

So here goes – I’ve kept it fairly concise this week but going forward I plan on being alot more comprehensive on the things I’ve found 🙂  Oh, and if you find anything here useful/informative/beneficial it would be AWESOME if you could drop me a comment and let me know 😀



  • @Sugarfree_Londoner‘s Ultimate Chocolate chip cookies are low carb, gluten free & obviously, sugar free!!  I had a go at making these bad boys this week and I have to confess, I’m a little bit addicted.. I made my third batch in 4 days this morning.. I know, I have a problem.  But they’re just so damn tasty!

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