#Health & Nutrition: Weekly Round-up

#Health & Nutrition: Weekly Round-up

I had a plan. I swear I did. Every week, regardless if I had a new recipe to share or not, I was going to do a round of up of the most amazing new low carb recipes I’d found around the web to make it easy for you lovely readers to find out about these awesome people creating these amazing recipes you might not have been exposed to yet. That was my plan. Then I left the UK for a 2.5 month trip to Bali.. & my plan went out the window. Somewhere over Singapore I’d imagine.. 🙈😅
For those of you who follow me on social media you’ll already know this but for those of you who don’t, that is what finally brought me to this sporadic post you’re reading. A round up of a different kind.

I realised today, while reading @NoraGedgaudas book “Primal Fat Burner” (recommended via a reply to a book recommendation request I made on twitter - the book is awesome btw & I also totally recommend it!), that each week that I haven’t been cooking while travelling I’m still reading & listening a ton of health & nutrition content that not everyone might hear about. So I decided to do a quick round up of all things awesome I’ve read or listened to this week in case you wanted to dig in & geek out like me 🤓🤓

PS: If you’re not into podcasts there’s a TON of great health focused podcasts where you can here some really great content that isn’t always easy to find elsewhere (plus they’re awesome to listen to in the gym 😄)

So without further ado - here’s the best reads & listens I’ve discovered this past week! Feel free to point out any I might’ve missed in the comments 😃

Best reads of the week

  • Primal Fat Burner by Nora Gedgaudas
    Awesome book which I’m about halfway through that combines a fascinating overview of the diet we ate to get us to the species of human we are today with the science behind how what we eat affects us. As much as I feel like I know about fat vs sugar & why low carb is better than high carb etc.. This contains so much intrguing information I’ve never even heard about. mTOR anyone? 😅
  • Bulletproof plan to Activate untapped brain energy to work smarter & think Faster
    While reading the previously mentioned book above there was a section about why we don’t want to enable our mTOR pathways as a cancer prevention technique which got me thinking, Dave Asprey mentioned in his interview with James Altucher (linked to in the listen section below) that enabling the mTOR pathway is useful for increased muscle synthesis & growth.. Is he wrong? As it turns out he’s of course well aware of the potential cancerous effects & his advice was a way to hack mTOR for the benefits without the downsides, but my search led me to this article by Dr. Mercola which is kind of an overview of the key points from Dave’s new book Headstrong. Incredibly interesting read.
  • the Sweet Potato Diet by Michael Morelli
    Another thing I heard about via a podcast (also linked to in the next section). Michael’s book is all about eating well with carb cycling wher your only carbs are sweet potato. You cycle carb days between no, low & high carb days in an a manner to keep you metabolism burning fat. It’s definitely an interesting approach & not at all the hokeyness the title might suggest. It’s also a really interesting insight into what I’ve been hearing more & more of lately, it may not be beneficial to stay in any one state (low carb, ketogenic etc) for too long a period of time..
  • How to Biohack your Testosterone
    This is most definitely not an article from this week but it is most definitely is (imo) THE bible to understanding & hacking testestorone! The knowledge in this one post is ridiculous.. Read it!

Best listens of the week

  • “Dave Asprey - The way to evolve better” from the James Altucher podcast
    Great interview with Dave Asprey where he talks about mitochondria (the subject of his new book) & how to hack it to perform better. The main takeaway for me from this episode was actually at the end wher Dave says it’s extremely difficult to persist in a state of nutritional ketosis, more socially than for any other reason. This is something I don’t hear many people saying but it seems to be an almost unspoken concensus nonetheless. Interesting stuff.
  • Drug Dealer: How Doctors Have Been Duped, Patients Are Hooked On Prescriptions & Why It’s So Hard to Stop. from the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast
    Really interesting episode where he interviews Dr. Anna Lembke about perscription drug addiction & the state of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. A really insightful listen.
  • The ins & outs of Ketogenic dieting for Athletes - Part 1 & Part 2 from the BodyBuilding.com podcast
    I’ll admit it, I’m not a huge fan of BodyBuilding.com. While I’m sure their information is accurate if your goal is serious body building I find their nutrional advice to be lacking when it comes to the health effect side of things. That being said, this 2 part episode digs deep into using Ketosis while lifting & the benefits, downsides & everything in between of using Ketosis for performance. A really really good listen chocked full of info.
  • Carb cycling for Fat loss & the Sweet Potato Diet from the Shawn Stevenson podcast
    This imo was a phenomonal interview with Michael Morelli. I’d never heard of Michael before this episode & honestly speaking, if I’d seen a picture of him before hearing the interview my immediate ignorant thought would of been meathead who doesn’t know a lick about health or nutrition past chowing down on carbs & then cutting into a state of fatigue to keep in shape.. But what do I know 🙈🙈 . Really enjoyed his philosphy on food & eating in general, lots on carb cycling & for me it’s always great to hear nutrional insight from a guy who is jacked!! Aka the proof is in the (sweet potato) pudding 😎
  • The Health Benefits of eating raw dairy, raw eggs, raw beef & raw chicken also from the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast
    Did you know you not only can you eat raw chicken without dying from food poisoning but it actually has outstanding health benefits if you do? Me either. This episode definitely delved into new terroritory for me as far as health & nutrition goes.. Super interesting 🤓
  • Dave Asprey interview Wim Hof on the Bulletproof Radio podcast
    If you haven’t already heard of Wim Hof, he is the Ice Man. He’s submersed himself in an ice block for hours to prove he can control his internal temperature, he’s climbed mountains in nothing but shorts, he’s even allowed scientists to inject him with toxins just so that they can monitor & watch him supress his immunatic response to the toxin in the name of science. This episode is alot of Wim’s philosophy on the effects of cold on the body, how we can actively affect our central nervous system, our immune system & alot more..
    (There’s also a fanatastic Vice documentary on him is you wanna know more 😎)